Surfing on the beach in Seminyak Bali In Indonesia

Seminyak beach is a beach in the village of Seminyak Kuta. This beach is adjacent to the Kuta Beach. Same thing with Kuta Beach, this beach has a beautiful sea that is so endearing. No wonder this beach became one of the tourist destination of foreign tourists and domestic. The beach is famous for are private because the beach is not as much visitors visitors Kuta Beach. However, this did not diminish the beauty of the beach at all. Does not vary much with Kuta Beach, the beaches here also has a pretty good waves for surfing is used.
Seminyak bali in indonesia Beach has a fairly large waves, making it perfect for extreme sports like surfing. Surfboard rental services are also widely found around coastal areas, facilitate surfers or beginners to surf at the beach. Play while you exercise with huge waves on the beach, this is a fun activity. That makes waves at the beach is great and perfect for surfers, namely the strong ocean currents and waves at the beach. The waves on the beach was also ranked on the challenging waves for surfing, this is what makes surfers increasingly interested in surfing at the beach. In addition it also has a relatively balanced waves for the beginner who just learn to surf. For novice surfers don’t have to worry if you want to learn to surf. On the beach is the surfing coach to trainnovice surfers. The natural beauty of this beach owned and interesting to surf the waves add attraction to surf at the beach.
In addition to surfing on the beach in Seminyak bali in indonesia and Kuta Beach, Bali also offers many beaches that have good waves for surfing. Its location bordering the Indian Ocean make the most of the beach in Bali have big waves and could serve as surfing spots. To know the other surf spots, can be viewed on the website of Indonesia Travel as reference materials for tourists who like to surf in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia.

Nice things to Do in Jakarta Nightlife

Jakarta is one of the most populous cities in Indonesia in which the people who live in this city always have so many activities day and night. In the daylight, you can do so many fun things in Jakarta such as visiting some tourist attractions around. However, you also still have several things to do in Jakarta nightlife which also can be really fun. There are so many things to do in Jakarta Nightlife. Therefore, Indonesia Travel would like to share with you about those things to do when you visit Jakarta.

Hanging Out with Friends at Cafes in Jakarta
The first nice thing to do in Jakarta nightlife is that you can invite your friends to join you for night coffee in the cafes available in Jakarta. These cafes are the best spots for any students in Jakarta who want to have fun with friends while chit chatting and learning or finishing college task. You can enjoy some delicious Indonesian coffee at the cafes such as the real Kopi Luwak that is very popular among the coffee lovers in the world. Or you can also eat some Indonesian foods that are known very delicious and cheap.

Watching Movies at Midnight Cinemas
Perhaps, you are not too familiar with midnight movies, but most of the people in Jakarta are familiar with this movie show which is held when midnight comes. This also can be your nice thing to do in Jakarta nightlife. You can come to some cinemas available in Jakarta and you can book some tickets to watch special movies that only are played during the midnight. This is the proof that the people in Jakarta do never sleep. Therefore, if you have a chance to visit Jakarta, you can join with others to watch midnight movies. This must be really fun and you can invite your partner to watch your favorite horror movies every night.

Bekasi’s Puppet, Combination Javanese Wayang Kulit and Marionette Puppet

Indonesia has so many cultures coming from each tribe. One is Java. Java has a unique culture and interesting that could be explored further. The place is famous as a place to preserve and defend Javanese culture is Yogyakarta and Surakarta because of its close proximity to the palace. That’s why around Yogyakarta and Surakarta will be found a place that produces puppet and present a puppet show. Puppet known as wayang puppets typical of Central Java is purwa. Based on the style, puppet prototype ddan Surakarta Yogyakarta style are two different things although the difference is not much.

Bekasi is one of the cities in West Java. As the city becomes part of the complex metropolitan cities like the capital Jakarta, not many traditional cultures are left in Bekasi. However, who would have thought that Bekasi also has its own peculiar shadow puppets. Wayang shadow puppets Bekasi is a result of a combination of Javanese puppet prototype and puppet show from West Java. That’s why there is a difference between Bekasi puppet with a puppet prototype from Java and puppet show originating from West Java. In terms of story, puppet Bekasi each has the same root as wayang stories in general. Differences wayang puppet prototype Bekasi with Java and puppet show are from the characters in the story and the portrayal of his character. Bekasi puppet characters on more than a puppet characters like Cepot, Semar, gareng and udel.

Wayang kulit Bekasi originally brought by a man named Balentet at the beginning of the 20th century. Balentet originally studied in Cirebon and returned with a puppet in the form of characters pandawa five inherited from his teacher. Before starting a performer, Balentet study with three teachers to finalize pedalangannya science. Three teachers are Rasiun Mbah Mbah Mbah Belentuk and Cepe. Having studied at the third teacher, a performer Balentet started to become famous puppeteer in Bekasi. Balentet continue puppetry to die and bequeath science puppet on his sons. That’s why puppet Bekasi an art of populist and quite famous in Calcutta at that time.

As one of the culture of Indonesia, shadow puppets Bekasi need to be preserved. Puppet is a combination of puppet prototype of Java and the puppet show is quite unique and interesting though is still unknown whether this type of puppet that is still existing or already extinct. For those of you who have interest in wayang puppets jakarta and more, you can visit the museum of puppets in the Old City. For more information, you can find in here

The Honeymoon? Stay at the Elysian Villas Bali So Choice!

Each couple who recently got married, often wanted quality time for both of us with her partner. If you are looking for a quiet and romantic place, Bali could be the right choice. Surely You thought Bali too crowded because an awful lot of tourists there, but You want a romantic getaway and a place. Don’t get me wrong, there are favorite destinations of Bali’s tourists that is located in Seminyak Kuta. There are many all Seminyak villas Bali private villa with a concept so you will get the serenity when on holiday with the couple.

In contrast to areas of Kuta and Legian are also has the feel of a relaxed, in Seminyak you will find modern and more formal atmosphere. Seminyak is also famous as one of the tourist destinations the luxury of being able to provide a tranquil atmosphere, because there are not many tourists visit there. The atmosphere of the beach in Seminyak are also more lonely because is not as popular as such as Kuta Beach. By selecting the tour and also stay at villa Seminyak Beach, romantic feel of tranquility and then you can get. The following are some of the attractions You must visit while in Seminyak, namely :

1. Petingenget Beach

This beach is located in the village of Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Petingenget Beach serves a natural landscape that is capable of making every travelerspellbound. With white sand and also a perfect sunlight glow, then sit around while sunbathing together couples will be moments that will not be forgotten for you and your partner. This beach is also not as popular as such as Kuta Beach, so visitors are still very rare so it is very fitting for the romantic moments both and felt as if the private beach.

2. Petingenget Temple

The temple is situated on the beach of Petingenget. This Temple became one of thetemples are sacred to the surrounding inhabitants because it has a strong mystical Eve. Even so, Pura Petingenget has a beautiful temple design.

3. Canggu Beach

When the afternoon ahead of an incomplete, it’s like if you are in Bali and not enjoying the feel of the Sun sank. Canggu Beach will close Your afternoon with fantastic because it can give a wonderful charm. With the sinking Sun, accompanied by the sound of the waves along the edge of the beach, this holiday will be an unforgettablehoneymoon.

After you enjoy your vacation and stay at the Elysian villas Bali, then it’s time to hunt for souvenirs. You can visit the Seminyak area Square where there are lots ofoutlets, boutiques restaurants and gift shop that will make it easy for you get the gift you want. So you get a reference to the place of the other, then visit romantic so you can plan your next holiday moments.

Potensi Indonesia Tourism

Potensi Indonesia Tourism di Mata Wisatawan

Pariwisata merupakan salah satu sektor penting yang selalu dikembangkan di Indonesia. Sebab, negara Kita memiliki potensi wisata yang begitu banyak dan tidak kalah menarik dibandingkan dengan negara tetangga. Potensi Indonesia tourism juga sudah dikenal luas di mata para wisatawan mancanegara sehingga menjadi salah satu sektor yang berpengaruh terhadap perekonomian di Indonesia. Berikut ini beberapa hal yang menggambarkan betapa menarik dan tingginya potensi pariwisata yang ada di Indonesia, antara lain:

• Terdapat banyak tempat wisata.
Salah satu alasan yang membuat Indonesia menjadi salah satu destinasi wisata yang menarik di mata wisatawan adalah karena banyaknya lokasi wisata yang tersedia. Mulai dari wisata alam, wisata belanja, wisata sejarah, wisata budaya, wisata kuliner, wisata keagamaan dan lain sebagainya ada di berbagai tempat dan menawarkan pengalaman wisata yang luar biasa. Bukan hanya dinilai istimewa oleh berbagai wisatawan lokal, namun potensi wisata tersebut juga sudah diakui dan mendunia. Beberapa contoh kawasan yang banyak dikunjungi oleh para wisatawan antara lai Bali, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara, Raja Ampat dan lain sebagainya.

• Fasilitas tempat wisata selalu dikembangkan.
Selain karena menawarkan pengalaman wisata yang menarik dan berbeda-beda antara satu lokasi wisata dengan lokasi lainnya, fasilitas tempat-tempat tersebut juga selalu dikembangkan. Hal inilah yang membuat potensi pariwisata Indonesia semakin meningkat di mata para wisatawan. Perbaikan dan pembenahan fasilitas di berbagai tempat wisata tersebut menunjang kenyamanan dan keamanan bagi para pengunjung yang datang dan berlibur. Selain itu, pelayanan yang ramah dari pengelola tempat wisata dan karyawannya pun menjadi alasan tersendiri yang membuat tempat-tempat wisata di Indonesia selalu ramai dipadati pengunjung.

• Sarana dan prasarana lengkap.
Adanya dukungan sarana dan prasarana wisata seperti akomodasi, transportasi dan fasilitas lainnya yang begitu lengkap di sekitar kawasan tempat-tempat wisata tersebut juga membuat daya tarik pariwisata di Indonesia kian meningkat. Para wisatawan dapat menikmati suasana liburan atau aktivitas berwisata yang menyenangkan berkat adanya sarana dan prasarana yang tersedia dengan baik dan begitu lengkap. Kualitas sarana dan prasarana tersebut pun selalu dikembangkan secara pesat sehingga para wisatawan yang datang dapat menikmati kegiatan liburan yang sesuai rencana.

Untuk mengenal dan mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai Indonesia tourism atau sektor pariwisata di Indonesia, Anda bisa mengunjungi situs resminya di sekarang juga. Semua info seputar dunia pariwisata yang ada di Indonesia bisa Anda dapatkan dengan mudah melalui fasilitas yang tersedia. Dengan tampilan desain website yang menarik, pilihan bahasa yang beragam dan lengkapnya informasi yang diberikan membuat situs menjadi media informasi pariwisata yang sangat berguna bagi masyarakat dan juga wisatawan mancanegara yang ingin berkunjung ke Indonesia untuk mengenal budaya, potensi wisata dan keunikan lainnya.

List Of Villas In Bali Are The Most Recommended

Bali has a million unique not found in other parts of the world because of natural beauty just like paradise combined with the hospitality of the local population so as to make many local tourists always want to come back again after spending a vacation to the island of the gods.

Not to mention the wealth of Balinese culture and the typical food that is so tempting taste seems to be a magnet for a lot of culinary hunters came from the East Asian countries such as Japan, korea, China, as well as tourists from Neighbouring countries each year continues to increase. This makes the cheap villas in Bali is always filled with foreign travelers when the peak of the holiday season arrives.

Renting a villa for vacation feels more comfortable than ordinary hotel, but the expensive price of the villa becomes a major obstacle for travelers budget fitted pasan. Well here is a list of villas in Bali are the most recommended among other things :

1. Best Western Kuta Bali

Location of villa one strategic area with located at jalan Raya Kuta No. 2. Included in jajarang and 4-star hotel has 86 rooms with rental rates start from IDR 370,000 per night. Best Western Kuta Bali very suitable best accommodation bernuasa villa for those of you who want to save the cost of a vacation on the island of the gods.

2. Vienna Holiday Villa Hotel

Still in the area of kuta, you can stay at Wina Holiday Villa Hotel has 184 elegant designer rooms with rental rates start from IDR 415,000 per night. Hotel villa exterior design modern bernuasa combined with classical elements creates the impression ofexotic Bali unforgettable. The facilities available are also very well equipped and each visitor will get the best service from the hotel staff.

3. Patra Jasa Bali Resort & Villas

Located at jalan Ir. h. Djuanda Kuta Bali, Patra Jasa Bali Resort Villas & including 5-star hotel offers exclusive and luxurious. Access is close to various attractions that exist in the area of Kuta hotel premium with 228 rooms that are always crowded. Room rental rates ever belongs to cheap to class 5 star hotel i.e. starting from Rp 760,000 per night.

4. Noah Villa And Chapel

The prominence of the villa which is located in the area of Uluwatu is to have a private swimming pool that is directly connected to the room so that it is suitable for those who like privacy. The interior and exterior décor Noah Villa and Chapel also so elegant keeps visitors happy and more and enjoy your holiday together with your partner. Rates start from IDR 690,000 per night.

5. Paradise Loft Villas Bali

Villa which is quite unique in that it brings the concept of the Mediterranean wherethe location of Paradise Loft Villas stand above a hill directly overlooking the sea inTanjung Benoa. You can enjoy views of the pair along with the eksoktis of the sea from the middle room and could spend a romantic evening with the natural atmosphere of the hills interspersed with beaches. To be able to stay at Paradise Loft Villas located in Nusa Dua, you enough to spend starting from Rp 600,000 per night.

6. The Widyas Bali Villa

In addition to having a private pool, another advantage of The Widyas Bali Villa i.e.has a spacious terrace and rooms with classical and romantic concept. The atmosphere of Indonesia so thick it felt when you and your spouse to stay here because of the vicinity of the villa is still plentiful trees so as to make the feeling of calm and more natural atmosphere. Rates Villa located in the Kuta area ranging from Rp 600,000 per night.

7. Pande Villas SPA and Restaurant

Cheap villas in Bali next is Pande Villas SPA and Restaurant. Here you and your partner can see the green rice field and the ocean without having to exit the room. Through the large Windows from the floor to the ceiling of the sky, you can enjoy a romantic couples shared susnet. From this villa you can visit mengening Beach with a 5-minute walk away and the land lot with a 20-minute drive away.

That’s the information about the villas in Bali are most recommended. The best accommodation is very suitable for holiday dibali. If you are interested in booking a hotel room can immediately online through the website of Mister Aladin to get best price quote.

Lombok Hotels

Located in an island in the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia, Lombok is luring tourists with its pristine beauty. The city is placed in the east of Bali and is emerging as a popular destination in Indonesia. The popularity of this place lies in its unspoiled beaches and natural beauty. The emergence of new and comfortable hotels in Lombok is another thing which is appealing travelers to reach this place and spend a luxury vacation. Lombok is the perfectly place for a vacation for peace seeking travelers. This is a place where you can laze, relax, rest and recreate amidst pristine beauty of this destination.

When To Visit Lombok

It offers a tropical weather with hot, humid and dry climate. Because of its humid climate, some of the tourists even prefer to visit this city in the rainy season, which is from October to December.

Activities To Do In Lombok

It is very silent as far as nightlife is concerned. There is hardly any special nightspot where you can enjoy and have fun. So, don’t expect to enjoy all night long during your sojourn here. Tourists throng to Lombok mainly because of its good water sport facilities. Diving, snorkeling, surfing, hiking and sailing are some popular sports that interest tourists here.

Sightseeing In Lombok

Lombok offers some of the very beautiful attractions, which include beaches, large volcano and its natural scenic beauty. A few must see places here can be named as Tanjung Aan, a lovely place near Kuta Beach. This place is popular for its unique pepper like sand. Other attractions include Narmada Park, Youth Fountain etc. Another very important thing that guests at Lombok loves to do in to get a traditional message therapy. Food at Lombok is also wonderful as this city has some great wine and dining options.

Transportation In Lombok

Travelers can reach Lombok via flight which lands at the Mataram Selaparang Airport. This airport connects Lombok with places like Denpasar, Surabaya, Jakarta and international destinations like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Amongst other means of transportation include regular slow boat and fast ferry service between Lombok and Bali. For transportation within the city, there are mini-vans called Bemo, taxis, horse carts, boats, and bicycles.

Hotels In Lombok

There are a large number of good hotels in Lombok offering comfortable accommodation to tourists. There are different hotels of different budget, lodges, resorts etc. The hotels here are mostly equipped with modern amenities and serve guests with genuine friendliness, warm welcome and great hospitality. For the budget travelers also, the city offers various low rated hotels and resorts with necessary facilities for the discerning travelers. Log on to for all other details on Lombok hotels and to get a complete guide on Lombok as a destination. So, don’t waste time! Reserve your hotel now and book the best hotel deal with Asiarooms.

Singapore Luxury Hotels

Singapore is a fantastic place for a glamorous city holiday. The country is filled with modern skyscrapers, clean roads, with a tropical climate, great food and shopping, and a vibrant night life. Singapore is a small country, so finding the right luxury hotel here should be easy. It’s also relatively easy to get around, with Singapore’s great public transport systems. Most of the first-class luxury hotels around Singapore are very accessible to all of the city’s shopping districts, night life, and attractions.

Orchard Road is the most popular shopping area in Singapore, filled with fancy shopping malls, and very glamorous as well. Located around this area are also some of the country’s most renowned hotels like the Raffles Hotel Singapore, Four Seasons Singapore, and many more. Just a short walk will take you to many glamorous shopping and entertainment centres, as well as some great night spots. Staying around orchard road is best if you are looking into doing some serious shopping around the area. Orchard Road as well as the nearby Singapore riverside, are areas filled with the most hotels around. The riverside is known to be Singapore’s Central Business District, packed with skyscrapers and government buildings. Located around here is many of the country’s popular nightspots, around the riverside streets of Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay. There are many monuments, museums, and glamorous sights to see here.

Just a short distance away from Orchard Road is the Singapore Botanical Gardens, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and Jurong Bird Park, all in the North and West area of the country. Though these are not exactly “natural” nature, the parks are impressive and very entertaining. There is, however, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve around the same area, which is Singapore’s largest. For those interested in the green side of Singapore, there is also Pulau Ubin, an island off Changi Village in the East Coast.

One of Singapore’s great attractions is the Sentosa island. For a truly luxurious holiday, there are some great first-class hotels here, like the Capella Singapore. There are many theme parks, exciting laser shows, and beach activities here, making it a popular holiday getaway.Some of the more cultural areas around Singapore include Chinatown and Little India. All over Singapore there are great historical buildings and museums, like the Bras Basah area, and the northern part of the Singapore River, all easily accessible by public transport.

Four Star Singapore Hotel Reviews

There are many very nice four star hotels in Singapore that could be passed off as five stars ones. The definition of four star to five star hotels are not exactly clearly drawn, as such, you can probably find five star standards at a four star Singapore hotel. Although there is a surge in hotel rates for most Singapore hotels, there are still many that offer the same level of accommodation and services at great prices. You just need to look harder. One such hotel would be The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. The building where the hotel is now was formerly Singapore’s General Post Office. With the historical building structure, and its close proximity to the Marina Bay area, on top of being just within the Central Financial District, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is a very popular choice amongst business travelers to Singapore. It is also only about 10 to 15 minutes away from Orchard Road, and less than 10 minutes from the Marina Bay Sands by foot, making it a great location for the leisure visitors as well.

With over 400 hotel rooms of different categories like the Courtyard rooms, Heritage rooms, Quay rooms and the Straits Club rooms, the hotel offers its guests with different options for their stay. From some of the rooms, you can get panoramic views of the quay area. Within the hotel one can also find some excellent restaurants, where you can enjoy your food together with the city skyline.

Another interesting four stars Singapore hotel would be The Scarlet Hotel. This recently completed hotel which was restored from several pre-war shop houses is at Erskine Road, which is part of the conservation shop houses around the Tanjong Pagar area. Despite being small in physical size, the hotel is still able to offer facilities like the swimming pool and the gym. The hotel rooms are also very tastefully designed. One should check out the restaurant within the hotel which serves excellent food on top of providing you great dining atmosphere.

The hotel is within walking distance to the Central Financial District and also Chinatown heritage area. There are many eateries around the hotel which you should not miss, not to mention cafes, bistros, pubs and more. While you are there, you should visit the Maxwell Road Food Centre which offers great local delights at very affordable prices. Orchard Road, Singapore’s famous shopping belt is all but less than 15 minutes away.

Hotel Grand Pacific is another four star hotel which you can consider for your stay in Singapore. This hotel has been recently refurbished and upgraded. Now offering 450 hotel rooms, you choose the hotel possibly because of its excellent location as it is minutes away from the Central Business District and Orchard Road shopping belt. Within walking distance to the hotel are museums, Bugis Junction shopping mall, Bugis Village, Chimjes and many more. There are many places for local food as well, all within walking distance from the hotel, making it the choice of both business and leisure travelers.

Luxury Hotels In Singapore

For successful individuals who are set out to pampering yourself during your visit to Singapore, you may wish to stay at one of the best hotels in Singapore. Below is a list of luxury Singapore hotels with some reviews.

The St Regis Singapore
Located at one of the prime address in Singapore, The St Regis Singapore offers unparallel services to its guests, with St Regis butlers meeting each guest’s individual needs round the clock. You should also check out one of Asia’s finest private art collections while you are there.

Marina Bay Sands 
One of the most recent additions to Singapore’s growing list of hotels, Marina Bay Sands is a casino resort which is suited in the expanded financial district. Besides being in excellent location, the hotel offers amenities and facilities to pamper your every need. You must not miss visiting the Sky Park while you are staying at this luxurious hotel cum resort.

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa 
If resort or a getaway is what you are looking for, you should not miss Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa. This award winning resort hotel will charm you with its settings, blending nature with colonial heritage. Each resort is carefully designed to pamper all visitors. It is suitable for both leisure and business visitors to Singapore.

Capella Resort Singapore 
This resort offers you your own private enclave. You will get to enjoy your private world of serenity at Capella Resort Singapore. You should consider the Capella Villas, which has been designed to let you enjoy nature and modern amenities at the same time.

Conrad Centennial Singapore 
Well-heeled private individuals who are in Singapore for business should consider the Conrad Centennial Singapore. Offering spacious rooms with excellent room views, it has been the choice of many business travelers who wants nothing but the very best during their trip to Singapore.

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore 
The brand Four Seasons has long been associated with luxury living. Four Seasons Hotel Singapore offers hotel rooms with excellent features and facilities which has attracted many business travelers to Singapore. One will enjoy the space offered by the spacious hotel rooms. Its excellent location has also attracted many families who are in Singapore for their shopping spree.

Goodwood Park Hotel 
This hotel offers rich tradition and heritage and has long been a top choice with business and leisure visitors alike. A designated national monument, Goodwood Park Hotel has been carefully restored to show its original beautiful architecture. It is also minutes away from all the shops in Scotts Road and Orchard Road, making it an excellent place to stay for shoppers.

Raffles Hotel Singapore 
Raffles Hotel Singapore has consistently ranked amongst the top hotels in the world. The hotel suites features period furnishings in their rooms, yet offer modern convenience for all its guests. It also houses many award-winning restaurants and bars, serving local, international and fusion fares. Many of the guests who stay at the hotel during their visit to Singapore are usually on the “Who’s Who” lists.