Lombok Hotels

Located in an island in the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia, Lombok is luring tourists with its pristine beauty. The city is placed in the east of Bali and is emerging as a popular destination in Indonesia. The popularity of this place lies in its unspoiled beaches and natural beauty. The emergence of new and comfortable hotels in Lombok is another thing which is appealing travelers to reach this place and spend a luxury vacation. Lombok is the perfectly place for a vacation for peace seeking travelers. This is a place where you can laze, relax, rest and recreate amidst pristine beauty of this destination.

When To Visit Lombok

It offers a tropical weather with hot, humid and dry climate. Because of its humid climate, some of the tourists even prefer to visit this city in the rainy season, which is from October to December.

Activities To Do In Lombok

It is very silent as far as nightlife is concerned. There is hardly any special nightspot where you can enjoy and have fun. So, don’t expect to enjoy all night long during your sojourn here. Tourists throng to Lombok mainly because of its good water sport facilities. Diving, snorkeling, surfing, hiking and sailing are some popular sports that interest tourists here.

Sightseeing In Lombok

Lombok offers some of the very beautiful attractions, which include beaches, large volcano and its natural scenic beauty. A few must see places here can be named as Tanjung Aan, a lovely place near Kuta Beach. This place is popular for its unique pepper like sand. Other attractions include Narmada Park, Youth Fountain etc. Another very important thing that guests at Lombok loves to do in to get a traditional message therapy. Food at Lombok is also wonderful as this city has some great wine and dining options.

Transportation In Lombok

Travelers can reach Lombok via flight which lands at the Mataram Selaparang Airport. This airport connects Lombok with places like Denpasar, Surabaya, Jakarta and international destinations like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Amongst other means of transportation include regular slow boat and fast ferry service between Lombok and Bali. For transportation within the city, there are mini-vans called Bemo, taxis, horse carts, boats, and bicycles.

Hotels In Lombok

There are a large number of good hotels in Lombok offering comfortable accommodation to tourists. There are different hotels of different budget, lodges, resorts etc. The hotels here are mostly equipped with modern amenities and serve guests with genuine friendliness, warm welcome and great hospitality. For the budget travelers also, the city offers various low rated hotels and resorts with necessary facilities for the discerning travelers. Log on to Asiarooms.com for all other details on Lombok hotels and to get a complete guide on Lombok as a destination. So, don’t waste time! Reserve your hotel now and book the best hotel deal with Asiarooms.


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