List Of Villas In Bali Are The Most Recommended

Bali has a million unique not found in other parts of the world because of natural beauty just like paradise combined with the hospitality of the local population so as to make many local tourists always want to come back again after spending a vacation to the island of the gods.

Not to mention the wealth of Balinese culture and the typical food that is so tempting taste seems to be a magnet for a lot of culinary hunters came from the East Asian countries such as Japan, korea, China, as well as tourists from Neighbouring countries each year continues to increase. This makes the cheap villas in Bali is always filled with foreign travelers when the peak of the holiday season arrives.

Renting a villa for vacation feels more comfortable than ordinary hotel, but the expensive price of the villa becomes a major obstacle for travelers budget fitted pasan. Well here is a list of villas in Bali are the most recommended among other things :

1. Best Western Kuta Bali

Location of villa one strategic area with located at jalan Raya Kuta No. 2. Included in jajarang and 4-star hotel has 86 rooms with rental rates start from IDR 370,000 per night. Best Western Kuta Bali very suitable best accommodation bernuasa villa for those of you who want to save the cost of a vacation on the island of the gods.

2. Vienna Holiday Villa Hotel

Still in the area of kuta, you can stay at Wina Holiday Villa Hotel has 184 elegant designer rooms with rental rates start from IDR 415,000 per night. Hotel villa exterior design modern bernuasa combined with classical elements creates the impression ofexotic Bali unforgettable. The facilities available are also very well equipped and each visitor will get the best service from the hotel staff.

3. Patra Jasa Bali Resort & Villas

Located at jalan Ir. h. Djuanda Kuta Bali, Patra Jasa Bali Resort Villas & including 5-star hotel offers exclusive and luxurious. Access is close to various attractions that exist in the area of Kuta hotel premium with 228 rooms that are always crowded. Room rental rates ever belongs to cheap to class 5 star hotel i.e. starting from Rp 760,000 per night.

4. Noah Villa And Chapel

The prominence of the villa which is located in the area of Uluwatu is to have a private swimming pool that is directly connected to the room so that it is suitable for those who like privacy. The interior and exterior décor Noah Villa and Chapel also so elegant keeps visitors happy and more and enjoy your holiday together with your partner. Rates start from IDR 690,000 per night.

5. Paradise Loft Villas Bali

Villa which is quite unique in that it brings the concept of the Mediterranean wherethe location of Paradise Loft Villas stand above a hill directly overlooking the sea inTanjung Benoa. You can enjoy views of the pair along with the eksoktis of the sea from the middle room and could spend a romantic evening with the natural atmosphere of the hills interspersed with beaches. To be able to stay at Paradise Loft Villas located in Nusa Dua, you enough to spend starting from Rp 600,000 per night.

6. The Widyas Bali Villa

In addition to having a private pool, another advantage of The Widyas Bali Villa i.e.has a spacious terrace and rooms with classical and romantic concept. The atmosphere of Indonesia so thick it felt when you and your spouse to stay here because of the vicinity of the villa is still plentiful trees so as to make the feeling of calm and more natural atmosphere. Rates Villa located in the Kuta area ranging from Rp 600,000 per night.

7. Pande Villas SPA and Restaurant

Cheap villas in Bali next is Pande Villas SPA and Restaurant. Here you and your partner can see the green rice field and the ocean without having to exit the room. Through the large Windows from the floor to the ceiling of the sky, you can enjoy a romantic couples shared susnet. From this villa you can visit mengening Beach with a 5-minute walk away and the land lot with a 20-minute drive away.

That’s the information about the villas in Bali are most recommended. The best accommodation is very suitable for holiday dibali. If you are interested in booking a hotel room can immediately online through the website of Mister Aladin to get best price quote.


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