The Honeymoon? Stay at the Elysian Villas Bali So Choice!

Each couple who recently got married, often wanted quality time for both of us with her partner. If you are looking for a quiet and romantic place, Bali could be the right choice. Surely You thought Bali too crowded because an awful lot of tourists there, but You want a romantic getaway and a place. Don’t get me wrong, there are favorite destinations of Bali’s tourists that is located in Seminyak Kuta. There are many all Seminyak villas Bali private villa with a concept so you will get the serenity when on holiday with the couple.

In contrast to areas of Kuta and Legian are also has the feel of a relaxed, in Seminyak you will find modern and more formal atmosphere. Seminyak is also famous as one of the tourist destinations the luxury of being able to provide a tranquil atmosphere, because there are not many tourists visit there. The atmosphere of the beach in Seminyak are also more lonely because is not as popular as such as Kuta Beach. By selecting the tour and also stay at villa Seminyak Beach, romantic feel of tranquility and then you can get. The following are some of the attractions You must visit while in Seminyak, namely :

1. Petingenget Beach

This beach is located in the village of Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Petingenget Beach serves a natural landscape that is capable of making every travelerspellbound. With white sand and also a perfect sunlight glow, then sit around while sunbathing together couples will be moments that will not be forgotten for you and your partner. This beach is also not as popular as such as Kuta Beach, so visitors are still very rare so it is very fitting for the romantic moments both and felt as if the private beach.

2. Petingenget Temple

The temple is situated on the beach of Petingenget. This Temple became one of thetemples are sacred to the surrounding inhabitants because it has a strong mystical Eve. Even so, Pura Petingenget has a beautiful temple design.

3. Canggu Beach

When the afternoon ahead of an incomplete, it’s like if you are in Bali and not enjoying the feel of the Sun sank. Canggu Beach will close Your afternoon with fantastic because it can give a wonderful charm. With the sinking Sun, accompanied by the sound of the waves along the edge of the beach, this holiday will be an unforgettablehoneymoon.

After you enjoy your vacation and stay at the Elysian villas Bali, then it’s time to hunt for souvenirs. You can visit the Seminyak area Square where there are lots ofoutlets, boutiques restaurants and gift shop that will make it easy for you get the gift you want. So you get a reference to the place of the other, then visit romantic so you can plan your next holiday moments.


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