Surfing on the beach in Seminyak Bali In Indonesia

Seminyak beach is a beach in the village of Seminyak Kuta. This beach is adjacent to the Kuta Beach. Same thing with Kuta Beach, this beach has a beautiful sea that is so endearing. No wonder this beach became one of the tourist destination of foreign tourists and domestic. The beach is famous for are private because the beach is not as much visitors visitors Kuta Beach. However, this did not diminish the beauty of the beach at all. Does not vary much with Kuta Beach, the beaches here also has a pretty good waves for surfing is used.
Seminyak bali in indonesia Beach has a fairly large waves, making it perfect for extreme sports like surfing. Surfboard rental services are also widely found around coastal areas, facilitate¬†surfers or beginners to surf at the beach. Play while you exercise with huge waves on the beach, this is a fun activity. That makes waves at the beach is great and perfect for surfers, namely the strong ocean currents and waves at the beach. The waves on the beach was also ranked on the challenging waves for surfing, this is what makes surfers increasingly interested in surfing at the beach. In addition it also has a relatively balanced waves for the beginner who just learn to surf. For novice surfers don’t have to worry if you want to learn to surf. On the beach is the surfing coach to trainnovice surfers. The natural beauty of this beach owned and interesting to surf the waves add attraction to surf at the beach.
In addition to surfing on the beach in Seminyak bali in indonesia and Kuta Beach, Bali also offers many beaches that have good waves for surfing. Its location bordering the Indian Ocean make the most of the beach in Bali have big waves and could serve as surfing spots. To know the other surf spots, can be viewed on the website of Indonesia Travel as reference materials for tourists who like to surf in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia.

Nice things to Do in Jakarta Nightlife

Jakarta is one of the most populous cities in Indonesia in which the people who live in this city always have so many activities day and night. In the daylight, you can do so many fun things in Jakarta such as visiting some tourist attractions around. However, you also still have several things to do in Jakarta nightlife which also can be really fun. There are so many things to do in Jakarta Nightlife. Therefore, Indonesia Travel would like to share with you about those things to do when you visit Jakarta.

Hanging Out with Friends at Cafes in Jakarta
The first nice thing to do in Jakarta nightlife is that you can invite your friends to join you for night coffee in the cafes available in Jakarta. These cafes are the best spots for any students in Jakarta who want to have fun with friends while chit chatting and learning or finishing college task. You can enjoy some delicious Indonesian coffee at the cafes such as the real Kopi Luwak that is very popular among the coffee lovers in the world. Or you can also eat some Indonesian foods that are known very delicious and cheap.

Watching Movies at Midnight Cinemas
Perhaps, you are not too familiar with midnight movies, but most of the people in Jakarta are familiar with this movie show which is held when midnight comes. This also can be your nice thing to do in Jakarta nightlife. You can come to some cinemas available in Jakarta and you can book some tickets to watch special movies that only are played during the midnight. This is the proof that the people in Jakarta do never sleep. Therefore, if you have a chance to visit Jakarta, you can join with others to watch midnight movies. This must be really fun and you can invite your partner to watch your favorite horror movies every night.

Bekasi’s Puppet, Combination Javanese Wayang Kulit and Marionette Puppet

Indonesia has so many cultures coming from each tribe. One is Java. Java has a unique culture and interesting that could be explored further. The place is famous as a place to preserve and defend Javanese culture is Yogyakarta and Surakarta because of its close proximity to the palace. That’s why around Yogyakarta and Surakarta will be found a place that produces puppet and present a puppet show. Puppet known as wayang puppets typical of Central Java is purwa. Based on the style, puppet prototype ddan Surakarta Yogyakarta style are two different things although the difference is not much.

Bekasi is one of the cities in West Java. As the city becomes part of the complex metropolitan cities like the capital Jakarta, not many traditional cultures are left in Bekasi. However, who would have thought that Bekasi also has its own peculiar shadow puppets. Wayang shadow puppets Bekasi is a result of a combination of Javanese puppet prototype and puppet show from West Java. That’s why there is a difference between Bekasi puppet with a puppet prototype from Java and puppet show originating from West Java. In terms of story, puppet Bekasi each has the same root as wayang stories in general. Differences wayang puppet prototype Bekasi with Java and puppet show are from the characters in the story and the portrayal of his character. Bekasi puppet characters on more than a puppet characters like Cepot, Semar, gareng and udel.

Wayang kulit Bekasi originally brought by a man named Balentet at the beginning of the 20th century. Balentet originally studied in Cirebon and returned with a puppet in the form of characters pandawa five inherited from his teacher. Before starting a performer, Balentet study with three teachers to finalize pedalangannya science. Three teachers are Rasiun Mbah Mbah Mbah Belentuk and Cepe. Having studied at the third teacher, a performer Balentet started to become famous puppeteer in Bekasi. Balentet continue puppetry to die and bequeath science puppet on his sons. That’s why puppet Bekasi an art of populist and quite famous in Calcutta at that time.

As one of the culture of Indonesia, shadow puppets Bekasi need to be preserved. Puppet is a combination of puppet prototype of Java and the puppet show is quite unique and interesting though is still unknown whether this type of puppet that is still existing or already extinct. For those of you who have interest in wayang puppets jakarta and more, you can visit the museum of puppets in the Old City. For more information, you can find in here