Nice things to Do in Jakarta Nightlife

Jakarta is one of the most populous cities in Indonesia in which the people who live in this city always have so many activities day and night. In the daylight, you can do so many fun things in Jakarta such as visiting some tourist attractions around. However, you also still have several things to do in Jakarta nightlife which also can be really fun. There are so many things to do in Jakarta Nightlife. Therefore, Indonesia Travel would like to share with you about those things to do when you visit Jakarta.

Hanging Out with Friends at Cafes in Jakarta
The first nice thing to do in Jakarta nightlife is that you can invite your friends to join you for night coffee in the cafes available in Jakarta. These cafes are the best spots for any students in Jakarta who want to have fun with friends while chit chatting and learning or finishing college task. You can enjoy some delicious Indonesian coffee at the cafes such as the real Kopi Luwak that is very popular among the coffee lovers in the world. Or you can also eat some Indonesian foods that are known very delicious and cheap.

Watching Movies at Midnight Cinemas
Perhaps, you are not too familiar with midnight movies, but most of the people in Jakarta are familiar with this movie show which is held when midnight comes. This also can be your nice thing to do in Jakarta nightlife. You can come to some cinemas available in Jakarta and you can book some tickets to watch special movies that only are played during the midnight. This is the proof that the people in Jakarta do never sleep. Therefore, if you have a chance to visit Jakarta, you can join with others to watch midnight movies. This must be really fun and you can invite your partner to watch your favorite horror movies every night.


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